About our company

We are designed to build impressive websites!


We are a joint venture design company between UK and Bangladesh. We carefully assembled a diverse team of best & brightest talent to provide outsourcing solutions to European Companies. Our team of skilled professionals specialize in responsive website design, graphics design, photography, mobile applications (coming soon*), SEO service and user experience. On top of technical team we also have a customer service team to make it easy for our clients.
Our priority is not money, we are more passionate about design & creativity. We created a system where our clients only pay once they are satisfied. 50% of our capacity is booked by our partner for outsourcing work and the rest 50% is available for local growing companies. If interested for any project please feel free to speak to us or come over for coffee & tea.



We will have a discussion and try to understand clients problem. After hearing the requirements we will offer some solutions ideas. Based up on the idea, if the client approves we will proceed with production of the solution.



Once we are in development stage we keep our clients update regularly on each process. If any new requirement comes in we will then try to include in this stage. It is harder to change the core idea, that is why we make sure we get it right in the previous stage.



In the final stage we will be ready to show client a full demo. Sometimes we may offer more than one option. In this final stage if the client is not happy they do not have to pay anything. But fortunately 95% of the time they like it.